Selling Ts & Cs

York Art Society – terms and conditions relating to selling artwork via the society’s web site.

Fully paid up members of the society may offer for sale unframed mounted pictures via the society’s web site subject to the following terms and conditions.

  • York Art Society shall not at any time be considered to be the ‘agent’ of the artist and apart from providing the facility of selling via their website the society shall not have any responsibility whatsoever for any aspect of the offer for sale or the subsequent sale.
  • The artist may utilise the society’s web site as a platform for the sale of their own work subject to that work being capable of being verified as entirely their own original creation and of which they own the copyright.
  • The society retains the right to refuse to display any work which it considers could result in the violation of any applicable law or regulation.
  • The society recommends that only unframed original mounted work should be offered for sale; however if the artist wishes to offer framed and or glazed work for sale all aspects of such sale shall be absolutely at the artists’ own risk and liability.
  • Any sale must be through the ‘basket’ Ecommerce facility provided on the site; should any artist be found breaching this trust any future work of theirs would not be eligible for sale through the society’s facility.
  • The artist is entirely responsible for the descriptions, both photographic and written, of the work on offer for sale.
  • In offering work for sale via the society’s facility the artist agrees to the society holding the proceeds of the sale for a period of at least 14 days or until they have proof of satisfaction from their customer whichever shall be the former.
  • The artist agrees to the society deducting 15% commision from the advertised selling price prior to forwarding received funds to the artist.