2020 Society event diary. The new event diary for 2020 is now uploaded and available for download (Events page). If any changes or amendments are received we will immediately change the diary and make a notice in the newsletter page.

JOHN BENNETT GETS THE PRIZE. An impromptu competition which presented a bottle of champagen to the first person at Saturday’s Self Help Group to mention the new blog was sponsored by our webmaster. Below John received his prize from the Chair of the Society Peter Cooke. The webmaster said “we are making as many efforts as possible to increaase the traffic on the site in order to elevate our ratings with the big search engines; the blog will make big strides in this direction as long as the members get their fingers working and contribute to the blog.”

EXHIBITION UPDATE. The new Exhibition Secretary John Pugh is getting his feet under the table and this update will continue now until the date of the 209th exhibition comes along. All of the old exhibition rules, entry forms and volunteer rotas have been deleted and the new 2020 documents will be uploaded very soon. John is making some important and very interesting changes for this season’s exhibition so it is good advice to keep your eyes on this column if you want to feel informed and be involved. As soon as the new administration documents and rules documents are available you will be advised in this column and on the blog. John will be asking for volunteers for various duties so please keep up to date with events via the website and the blog. Just in case you haven’t got the dates on your tablets of stone they are 27TH TO 30TH MAY. The venue is the CENTRAL METHODIST CHURCH, ST SAVIOUR GATE, YORK. Please support our new exhibition secretary by assisting him as much as your circumstances allow.

New Member joining made more functional. It is now easier and more functional for new members to join the society and for our existing members to renew their membership. We have created an automatic log on by connecting the two ‘smiley’ icons directly with the membership secretary and the treasurer. A new member now only has to click on the new member ‘smiley’ on the shop page and this will provide an online registration form which will be despatched directly to the membership secretary. The membership secretary will then be in a position to advise the new member of any pro rated fees and give any information required. The system is now fully operative. Membership is from April to March but pro rated fees are available for students and new members. Details will be given by the membership secretary on request.