Only a few days left. The Christmas card competition closes on Saturday and the judges are ready to decide upon the winning entry which will be selected as the society’s Christmas greeting to its members. Please note that it has been decided not to proceed with the printing of packs of cards as current competitive pricing in the market renders these plans as no longer a viable commercial proposition.

All entries submitted will be exhbited in the Gallery and the winner announced on November 1st 2020.

Well the rush is nearly over and thanks to all of those people who helped us to get the calendar off the ground; from Our Chairman’s original idea of a Centenary Calendar we managed to produce an astonishingly attractive one and at the same time discover some very interesting facts not only about 1921 but also about the start of our society. The Discover York Library was a tremendous help and there is still a minefield of information about the society there waiting to be uncovered. Nearly all of the free calendars have been issued and we do hope that you like the presentation as an advertisement of the talents in our society.

Perhaps this is a fitting time to introduce you to an expanded use of our feature page? We are introducing the concept of having ‘Guest Editors’ to provide articles or features of interest to our members on all subjects relating to art, our society or to general developments in our art world. Our First ‘Guest Editor’ is our immediate past President, Richard Bell, a long standing member of our society and a leading figure in our local art world. Look for his article on the feature page.