Welcome to the new York Art Society blog!

The new blog, published on Valentine’s Day 2020, is now live!

Check here for stories, happenings and discussions that make people think.
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    Patrick Harlington February 15, 2020

    Welcome everybody to our new blog page. Opened on Valentines’ day hopefully to attract comment on all society activities and events. I shall be at the Self Help today and guess what? I shall give a free bottle of champagne to the first person that mentions the new page; all this is in an effort to get more members using the site more often which will increase our search engine ratings and provide a much bigger market for those members who have pictures in the gallery for sale. So please help me spread the word and get people using the site. Hopefully the committee will also see the opportunities of publishing their notices on the website rather than expensive circulation?? Now there is a bit of controversy!

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    JohnPugh February 15, 2020

    Congratulations and thanks to Patrick for making so many improvements to the YAS website. I don’t think we need to worry about the suggestion of being known as “creative practitioners”. We will still produce “Art” and as such can happily remain York Art Society.

    Thanks to those members who reacted positively to my quest for members to appear as “working artists” during the exhibition period. Anyone else who would like to have a two hour spot could speak to me at a demo or self-help day or send a message to johnpughjp@gmail.com.

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    Lin Taylor February 15, 2020

    Well done Patrick for your idea to create a Blog on this website. Now all we need is for more members to leave comments etc. One idea… could members mention equipment or materials that they no longer use and want to pass on to another member? We all have a clear out and find items that we have not used and would like to pass on. I have an outdoor painting stool with easel attached, ideal for painting in George Smith’s garden.

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      Patrick Harlington February 16, 2020

      Thanks for that idea Lin – my wife has a chair that lives under the lodge, I dont think that it has ever seen the light of day!!!!

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    Patrick Harlington March 5, 2020

    Over the nexrt couple of days I am going to upload all of the documents required for the annual exhibition in May. They will be in the tables of the events page. Let me know if you have any difficulties with any of the documents.

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    Patrick Harlington March 6, 2020

    All of the documents for the members exhibition are now set up for you to download. You can find them in the tables section on the events page. There are four documents; the Exhibition Rules, the Artwork entry form, the lables (six on the sheet for cutting and placing on the picture) and the Volunteers Rota for you to enter your name and duty you would like to perform at the exhibition. Any problems call the webmaster!

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    Patrick Harlington March 7, 2020

    The committee are, at the moment, considering whether or not to take a decision on the upcoming demo. At the moment opinions seems to suggest that we should not cancel the demo leave any actions to the individuals concerned. As soon as a decision is known and made clear it will be published on this blog and the newsletter.

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    Patrick Harlington March 7, 2020

    In response to the current situation your committee have been considering the upcoming gathering for the demonstration on the 14th of this month. After thorough discussion it has been decided to run the demonstration as normal provided. a) That the artist is still willing to come, b) that we attempt to provide some sanitiser for the signing in process and c) that we keep in touch with the situation and act in accordance with any government recomendations. By keeping yourselves up to date via the blog page you will be aware of any changes to this decision.

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    Patrick Harlington March 8, 2020

    I received the following message this morning. Apparently many of you will know Hilary who was a member of YAS for some years. Sadly in July last year she suffered a severe stroke which has taken the use of her left side. She is now resident in the Chocolate Works Care Home. Her house is on the market and needs to be cleared.
    Poppleton Artists are hosting an exhibition and sale of Hilarys work in the Poppleton Centre on 4th/5th and 11th/12th April. From 10.00 to 4.30. Free entry. Ample parking and a cafe open on Saturdays. There are a lot of paintings at low prices and many books.
    Would you please inform your members. Many will have known Hilary and may want to support her. Many thanks.
    Incidentally, Hilary is still painting in her wheelchair: mainly abstracts and this gives her some enjoyment.

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    Stephanie Wood March 13, 2020

    I have never used a blog before, but have found this very interesting and helpful and will certainly be keeping an eye on it in the future (and may be even commenting too!). Thank you Patrick for all your work on this.

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    Patrick Harlington March 13, 2020

    Hello Stephanie. I am pleased that you like the blog my but I am surprised – especially in view of the current circumstances that not more people are using it I wonder how many people have doubts about attending the demo tomorrow for instance???

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      Stephanie Wood March 14, 2020

      Thanks Patrick. My friend Jill expressed a concern earlier in the week, so after our village fete was cancelled we are reviewing our decision as to wether to attend tomorrow afternoon in the morning.

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    Helen Hill March 13, 2020

    Well I have been checking for the past few days. Unless there is a late cancellation I shall be attending.

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    Stephanie Wood March 14, 2020

    After considering carefully and thoroughly Jill and I have decided we won’t be coming along this afternoon. We hope the meeting goes well and you all enjoy it.

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    Helen Hill March 14, 2020

    I too have had second thoughts and will notnow be attending, also probably won’t attend the next self help group as things seem to be escalating

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    Patrick Harlington March 15, 2020

    Helen and Stephanie thanks for keeping us informed; the demo was a good one with about twenty or thirty attending; the best advise that we are receiving from other bodies is to do as your head tells you. Personally being well into the ‘vulnerable age’ bracket I have a few events that I am thinking carefully about. Where I can attend a function and know that the other people are responsible and take all of the precautions then I shall go but there are also a few events that I shall definatately not go to!!! Keep in touch. Your feedback is very helpful.

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    John Bennett March 27, 2020

    Hi every one,just touching base with you all to see if you are all safe and well.I dont know about you but I am missing the self help,s and demo,s already.At least we are blessed with the gift of painting to see us through these dark days of lock down not like some of the less fortunate ones who must be going through a nightmare right now.Lets keep our fingers crossed that this horrible thing goes away sooner rather than the expected later.I hope you all keep safe and well and hope to see you soon.Warmest regards to you all

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