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Hello Everyone
I have been asked to conduct an Opinion Survey on how you would like to celebrate our Centenary year in 2021.
100 years is quite an achievement for any Society.
As this year is unlikely to have an exhibition next year hopefully would be fairly certain.
This would be a double celebration of coming out of lockdown and celebrating the continuation of The York Art Society .
There would be a Subcommittee to organise this when we have found out what members would like to see happening.
So any ideas would be more than welcome.
Special Advertising so anyone with contacts with York Press or any other Media please let us know as advertising is key to any Exhibition.
Someone to open the event so if you know anyone famous (doesn’t have to be a movie star)
Run up before the event competition for painting maybe a school to send in picures .
Suppliers of Materials to sponsor the winner
We need ideas so its over to you all, it is your Society
Please send me your ideas then I can see which would be the most popular.
Regards Lynda Baker


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    Patrick Harlington May 13, 2020

    Brilliant Lynda. I agree that our celebrations year is a special year and your thoughts are great. I hope that you get a lot of ideas from the members.

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    Patrick Harlington May 15, 2020

    I think that the committee should get off the ground by considering a few radical things. Lets us involve schools and encourage some youngsters along, Many moons ago I saw a huge picture and well known piece of art divided into fifty 30cm squares and fifty different atists had to paint in any media a picture of their piece then all were put together on one giant painting. 50 schools to do one bit each or fifty pupils? Lots of possibilities.
    Obviously there is the exhibition to think about I am sure that we could liven that up for our centenary.
    The calendar is a brilliant idea. Twelve pictures about the size of the ‘country file’ calendar, we could even do one similar to the Womens Institute one????

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