You might need to buy a train ticket for February’s demonstration! Our guest artist’s studio is in the old parcel office at Scarborough station and he also likes working in the cold as well so not only might you need a train ticket but you will need some warm clothing because he likes to work outdoors in the cold!!!! Scarborough’s Kane Cunningham is visiting us and will be demonstrating his style and techniques for our edification; oh, and by the way, by his own admission he is “a messy bugger” so you may get splashed if you sit in the front!!! Kane is currently a lecturer in Fine Arts and he is closely involved with Scarborough Art Gallery. He opened up his parcels office studio to the public in the North Yorkshire Open Studios exhibitions last year and has been teaching since 1982; his work is described as ‘loose, splashy and an abstract style’ and his prefered subject is landscapes. So cold and messy; just what we need for February’s demonstration. Don’t miss it!!! Venue and times remain unchanged.

2020 Society event diary. The new event diary for 2020 is now uploaded and available for download (Events page). If any changes or amendments are received we will immediately change the diary and make a notice in the newsletter page.

One of our members has asked if we could record a video of the demonstrations we have for those who find themselves unable to attend the actual event. I have investigated this thoroughly and the consensus of opinion seems to focus on the difficulties in managing this. Obviously there are copyright problems which would need to be overcome and although making a video would be technically feasable it was felt that this might be a distraction on the day. Another interesting point made that was it might reduce the numbers of members who attended the actual demonstrations? I will keep asking questions and then let the committee make a decision. Thanks to Steve Cuthbert for raising this possibillity.

A DATE FOR THE DIARY. The dates for the 2020 York Art Society’s Annual Exhibition at the CENTRAL METHODIST CHURCH, ST SAVIOUR GATE, YORK ARE 27TH TO 30TH MAY. All of the required entry forms and entry instructions will be available for downloading from this site in a couple of weeks time.

New Member joining made more functional. It is now easier and more functional for new members to join the society and for our existing members to renew their membership. We have created an automatic log on by connecting the two ‘smiley’ icons directly with the membership secretary and the treasurer. A new member now only has to click on the new member ‘smiley’ on the shop page and this will provide an online registration form which will be despatched directly to the membership secretary. The membership secretary will then be in a position to advise the new member of any pro rated fees and give any information required. The system is now fully operative. Membership is from April to March but pro rated fees are available for students and new members. Details will be given by the membership secretary on request.

Updated membership renewals. Go to the shop, click on the relevant smiley and you have purchased a membership or renewed your membership. Simples!!!!!