Meet the Artist

This is our well established feature ‘Meet the Artist’. Every three weeks or so we will be changing the feature to a different artist. This months artist is John Bennett. Next month will be Judith Hartup. If you would like to be included in this feature please let the webmaster know and he will add you to the list.

Our second featured artist – John Bennett
John Bennett surrounded by some of his work.

A cabinet maker by trade John Bennett describes himself as a ‘self taught’ artist; but despite this self professed lack of formal training his art has an immediate impact on the senses; his attention to detail makes some of his portrait work ‘photographic’ and he has the knack of conveying sense and feeling into his portraits. Originally from Leeds but now residing in York John is an established member of the Society. When he first started his journey into the “art world” in his younger years he was drawing dramatic black and white portraits and other topics mainly with 2b pencil; he then progressed into the world of water colours producing landscapes. As a testament to his ‘natural’ talent John was soon receiving many commissions for his work but he was also beginning to realise that watercolour painting did not allow him to produce the intricate detail that he wanted to produce in his work so he reverted to drawing, this time using coloured charcoal in pencil form (Conte).

Commissions for portraits, especially children’s portraits in this medium, soon followed and consequently he followed this style and use of medium for many years. 

Eventually, he ventured into the realms of oil painting and has never looked back since. John says “oils give me the opportunity to express the style of realism that I favour especially in portrait work”. This ‘realism’ is the magnet that draws the viewer to all of his work. John also covers still life, landscapes and animal portraits in his commissions.

An Old Arab