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Hello All. I copy our Chairman’s note relating to the cancellation of future events and would welcome as many views as possible in order that we can establish a genuine consensus among members especially relating to the Annual Exhibition. Here is Peter’s note: “Following the announcement late this afternoon I think it unlikely that the exhibition will take place. It’s around 10 weeks to the exhibition & with a 12 wk embargo I can’t see it happening. We don’t need to decide right now as I think the picture will be clear to everyone in a few weeks time. It may be possible to have the exhibition in the Autumn? Also we have cancelled this Sat 21st March self help but again I think most members will have worked that out for themselves.
Comments are appreciated.


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    Patrick Harlington March 17, 2020

    So the question is do you want to cancel this years exhibition or postpone it?

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    Marianne Harlington March 17, 2020

    Sadly I don’t think we have an option but to cancel the self help and the demos for the forseeable time. But perhaps we could start by postponing the Exhibition to later in the year. We do not need to be specific at this time but perhaps by the summer we would have a clearer idea. Certainly I imagine there will be quite a lot of painting going on!! Late November may be a good idea to catch Christmas trade if dates were available.

    Patrick has put the cancellation details on the blog …. latest comments are now at the top! Regarding John Lazenby’s comment we will also remind members that every demo under the sun is on You Tube!

    Stay in touch and look after yourselves


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    Marianne Harlington March 18, 2020

    Membership renewal date is approaching. The correct address to post your cheque to is now on the web page. All cheques that have already been sent to me have been sent on to Jill. We would ask that members continue to renew in this rather uncertain time. Your committee is working hard to provide you with a varied and exciting programme as sson as we can all get togther again. Stay safe. Marianne

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