Welcome to The York Art Society; a society of amateur and semi professional artists of all abilities and experience; working in a variety of mediums and helping each other to develop and improve individual techniques and abilities. From the very new beginner through to well-practised and experienced artists we create opportunities for our members to experiment in different skills, work with different media and develop their confidence in presenting their work to the wider audience of their choosing.

We do this by providing, for our members, workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions and a vibrant ‘self help group’ where, in a community atmosphere, member colleagues can work together and share ideas in a relaxed and supportive environment. We can introduce you to different techniques and make helpful observations on your work and our joint experience can offer guidance through many problems.

Our society was established in 1921 and now 100 years later we have to face new challenges; however we must retain the original vision of maintaining a society which members are proud to belong to and keen to take an active part in contributing to its success: we encourage our members to aspire to the highest artistic standards. The covid pandemic forced us to curtail our activities and prevented us from celebrating our 100th anniversary in the way which we would have wanted; nevertheless we will now strive to refresh our views and activities to launch us into the next 100 years.

On the Newsletter page, we will continue to list all current society events and programmes and give timely reminders of forthcoming events on a ‘running events calender’; however we will be redesigning many aspects of this site as and when we are able to do so and in the meantime we ask your indulgence as changes come along. We will post all developments relating to the restart of our activities on the newsletter page. We still have the target date of March 2022 for our AGM where we will be introducing some significant changes to the way in which the society is to be governed in the future. Very shortly we will be announcing the appointment of new members of the governing committe and keeping you abreast of all current thinking.

It will remain easy to join our society; irrespective of your knowledge or experience, simply purchase your annual membership by clicking on the Smiley below, fill in the relevant form and pay via bank transfer or cheque. Please note that you will need a valid student card to qualify for the student rate. We have yet to determine our membership fees for 2022 and pending our AGM we suggest that you use the contact us facility to determine our latest informaton on the restart programme.

We have yet to make decisions on how our Administration page and other pages will be used. Our current thinking is that all ‘official’ documents such as our constitution, competition entry rules and similar documents be made available for downloading by members. In the past the page was restricted to members only and was password protected. Whether we continue this facility is still to be decided. Certainly the page will carry notice of the AGM in March 2022.

The Contact Us page is designed to facilitate the direct message contact from a member or potential member to the governing committee to please use this facility to obtain any information on our plans which are evovling on a frequent basis.